Before you are married

1. Work on good personal habits that will enrich your - and your future partner's life.

These habits will become part of who you are and they will show themselves. Work on who you want to be: Loving, patient, industrious, faithful, sincere, self-controlled, generous, humble, kind, positive...


2. Make goals and look for what you want in a partner.

What is important for you in a partner? Here are 3 areas that usually should be taken into consideration:

- Physical Connection: Do you feel physically attracted to this person? 

- Mental Connection: Do you enjoy having good conversations about different topics and find this person smart?

- Spiritual Connection: Does this person have the same spiritual beliefs and values as you do?


3.  Choose well.

Can you see yourself spending your life with the person you are dating? Would you still love and care for that person if he/she lost her legs, or arms, an eye, or the ability to go to the bathroom alone? 


After you are married.

1. Do everything thinking about the good of the family.

Your family is more important than your social, occupational, or political life. life Remember that self-care will help you be your best for your family too.


2. Focus on giving. 

Give happiness, respect, service, affection, friendship...

Find how your partner likes to receive love and do it. The book called The Five Love Languages might help you. 


3.  Make the differences work.

Two people, from two different backgrounds, can make their differences work like epoxy glue. You cannot force others to change, but you can make small adjustments on yourself as a way to compromise or as a self- improvement, for the marriage benefit. Be open to new ideas.


4. Keep working on your personal virtues.

Things that will benefit your marriage: generosity, patience, courtesy, positivity.


5. Focus on your spouse's positive traits.

See the best in your spouse. Talk about things you admire and appreciate about him/her. Ask for advice and show that you accept your spouse's influence in your life. 


6. Stay calm when problems arise.

Go for a walk, listen to some relaxing music, pray, take a nap... then tackles the issues with calm and respect, in a private way. 


7. Keep courtship alive.

Bonding and intimacy. Have some couple getaways and rituals.


Final note: Marriage success depends upon TWO individuals.