A supportive, warm, and involved family seems like a dream come true. It is easier for some, hard for others. Every family has its own challenges. Sometimes we think that our neighbors have a perfect family - and maybe they do - but be sure that family is facing some challenges that you cannot see.

From where we are now let's think bout some ways that our family can be a little better organized:

1 -  Create a daily or weekly schedule.

2 - Create chore charts.

3 - Make a point to have at least one family meal every day.

4 - Hold family meetings.

5 - Have a family night every week - Every Monday get the family together for a message, games, and treats!

6 - Keep a grocery list where everyone can add things as needed.

7 - Keep a donation box at a permanent location - Everyone can put things they don't need in there. No questions asked. Review the box for anything that can still be returned or passed on to another sibling/friend before taking everything to the donation center.

We know our family better than anyone else and with some time and thought we can figure out how to better help everyone living their best life. Try to relax and do one thing at a time (people who multitask often experience more psychological stress).