We can start by remembering that every child is different. Parenting needs to be adapted to each child and their particular personality. What works for one might work, or might not work with another.

What can we do then? We can get to know each child, love, and guide them.

- Love them

- Prepare them

- Guide and lead them kindly - model appropriate Behavior

- Give them knowledge

- Encourage/Support them on their goals

- Be clear and have reasonable expectations - some room for negotiations and compromises

- Give them the chance to make choices and do things their own way.- give them autonomy.

- Be a good friend /connect with them - listen, talk, laugh,

- Be positive

- Honestly praise them

- Give them time - quality and quantity

- Learn more about parenting - classes, books

- Set limits to keep them safe (no inappropriate media, early dating, communication with strangers online, and parents should know where they are, for example).