Housework can be a source of contention or a source of harmony. It can be tedious and dull or a way to form character, strengthen, heal, and foster meaningful connections. Life can be messy sometimes, just like our kitchen, but there is also so much goodness in it - also just like our kitchen. 

Housework as a family is good for everyone: rich, poor, young, old, highly educated, and illiterate.

Some work that can be done together:

- Folding laundry

- Washing walls

- Meals (chopping, stirring, finding ingredients)

- Cleaning up a room

- Decorating a room

  • Do not complain or wish the chores would go away. Think about how good it is to have fresh and clean sheets on the beds, a clean dining table where everyone can gather and enjoy some nurturing meal... These things bring security to the family.
  • Don't expect perfection. The kitchen, for example, should be a place where people come and get together, talking about their day, helping, trying new flavors and mixes - not a place where everyone should stay out for fear of adding messy spots on the floor or counter.
  • There is plenty of expert advice on how to make it work for your family. Listen to your heart and to the specific needs that only you know about your family. Love is the most important element in this endeavor. When we work together, not isolated, we connect and make memories.