• Recognize when your children are ready to explore and try things on their own.  
  •  Encourage the children to explore on their own in a safe environment. This will help them to trust and be a little more courageous.  
  • Nurture the good points and guide them through the difficult ones.
  • Be loving and warm toward the children while being an example of positivity and good control of emotions. 
  • Let the children make small choices. 

A story: 

Here is a story that taught me a lot about the importance of giving the children choices: when my daughter was very young and still unable to talk or crawl, I showed her 2 dresses - while she was laying down on the bed. I put one forward and asked if she wanted that one- she just looked at it. I put forward the other one and she got super excited smiling and moving her arms and legs very fast. I did not believe what I was seeing so I did it again and got the same reaction - she got excited about one dress but not the other one. To be sure I was not seeing things I said “Ok! You are going to wear this one today!” choosing the one she was not excited about. She started crying! So, said I was just kidding and picked her favorite dress for the day. She was very happy about that. It is amazing how much a baby can feel and know before they can even start crawling!