Finding your companion is one of the most important decisions pursuits of your life.

Work on your ability to love

Love yourself, know that you are worth it.
Love others. Know that others also yearn and deserve kindness, forgiveness, sacrifice, empathy.

Work on your ability to communicate well

Learn how to make decisions, compromise, solve problems. Learn how to really listen and how to communicate clearly. Be authentic.

Get some formal preparation

Take a marriage preparation/family class. They are common in many universities.
Look for some books in your library, or articles online.

Be aware of the effects of media on your expectations

Marriages are not fairy tales where the couple simply have a ceremony and then live happily ever after, very effortlessly. There will be challenges, troubles, differences, sacrifices, talks about money, and work. and it is all worth it.
Studies have shown over and over again that Pornography damages relationships.

Be adaptable

Life together will lead you to adapt and grow.

Be committed

Do what you said you would do.
Arrive at the time you said you would arrive. 

Look for good relationships that might work

Forget those adventures that you know are not good for you and there is no future in the relationship. They might feel fun and incent, but if they are not good, they are bad. You could be meeting someone really worthwhile.